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Information collected by AssureCore
AssureCore logs all activity of its website. We aim to better understand our customers’ usage of our web site. We collect and analyse aggregate information about our site users. This includes such things as what time of day people visit the site, what browser they use and what pages they visit. No personal or other information which may be used to identify you is included in this analysis.

Privacy of Information
At AssureCore Pty Ltd we care about your privacy. Should you have any queries or concerns about your privacy please contact the AssureCore Privacy Officer at, P.O Box 266, Avondale Heights VIC 3034.

A key component to providing your privacy is security. To ensure security, AssureCore uses a highly secure internet technology known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
When requesting sensitive information from you, we use internet pages which are secured with SSL. All SSL pages are protected by secure encryption technology. Encryption prevents 3rd parties from viewing information in transit between AssureCore and you. Popular browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome will alert you when information is being protected by SSL by use of a padlock.

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